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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The District 141 EAP is a workplace-based program designed to assist Local 1759 members who may be experiencing problems off the job that negatively impact job performance and productivity. EAP offers confidential assistance to our members and their families. EAP services are available to all members of Local 1759 regardless of airline employment or district affiliation.

Trained peer coordinators promote the program, encourage members to access the EAP, and follow up with members when appropriate. EAP coordinators do not make clinical evaluations or provide professional counseling to members; however, they are trained to make a general evaluation of a situation or issue, and offer information or referral to a professional resource in the community when appropriate.

The services of our EAP peer coordinators are free and confidential. EAP is here to help you. Don't hesitate to call on us. For more information on the District 141 EAP
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American Airlines

Chris Davis
American Airlines Fleet Service
704 516-3083

Maria Carter
Local Coordinator
703 872-2670

United Airlines

Kathy Ferguson
United IADCS
703 661-4663

Laura "Missy" Rifae
Local Coordinator
United IADCS
703 661-4663

Melanie Molek-Trostle
Local Coordinator
United IADCS

Dave Davis
Local Coordinator
United IADCG